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I’ve posted a query on AGILEDOGS Listserv asking how the current economic conditions in this country have impacted on the sport of dog agility. I’ve already have several dozens of responses, and will post my findings back to this weblog.

These are tough times to be sure. Mostly I think people are being a bit picky about how they budget their doggie activities. Seminars will probably suffer the most. But certainly trial entry and participation in ongoing classes will be affected as well. A number of years ago, when we were at Dogwood, we instituted what we called the “Gas Savers” classes. We offered a monthly 4-hour format weekend class in lieu of the weekly 1-hour class with which most people are more familiar. This was in response to certain of our students telling us that it was costing more in gas to come to class, than the classes themselves were actually costing. The Gas Savers were immediately successful, and of course we continued to offer our usual 1-hour weekly format as well.

I’m no longer in the “big training center” game. Frankly I count myself as semi-retired. But certainly I do still go out on the road to give seminars. So I am interested from a strictly business point of view.

I offer the following sequences with only this comment… I asked my students to layer to the opposite side of the tandem pipe tunnels every time the dog was engaged in the performance of the dogwalk. Make of it what you will. 




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