Time Warp

Time Warp is one of a variety of distance games that is useful to play in order to proof the distance skills of a dog and handler team. It can be easily reduced to a series of training exercises. It’s also an excellent no fail sort of game to play. That means that all of the distance challenges are bonuses only. So there is no death penalty kind of logic if the team fails at any of the on-field gambles.



Time Warp is based on a standard course that is scored Time-Plus Faults-Less Bonuses. The lowest score wins.

A qualifying score shall be based on an aggressive standard course time for the baseline sequence. The dog is not required to do any of the gambles in order to qualify. However in a game like this we’ll find that the great distance working dog will distinguish himself by earning an improbable score… possibly even a negative score as though the dog has traveled through a time warp to finish a course a moment before he even begins to run it.


  • 5 Faults for any performance fault
  • Refusals are not faulted
  • Weave pole errors are not faulted
  • 20 Faults for failure to perform an obstacle


All bonuses are based on the handler remaining behind the containment lines drawn on this course while the dog works through sequences at a distance. Any faults during a bonus sequence will negate the opportunity to earn the bonus for that sequence.

  • 10 points – #4 through #6
  • 5 points – On the table the dog gives an obedience performance (handler’s choice) for the judge’s count of five seconds.
  • 10 points – #7 through #9
  • 10 points – #11 (the handler can step over the line after the dog has touched the contact zone on the descent)
  • 15 points – #16 and #17

Staying Busy

After my long road trip I’ve been trying to catch up on some of my chores. The weather has taken a frightful turn in general turning cold far too early and frankly suggesting that we’re in for a long and very cold winter. So I’ve had the tractor out grading road, and pulling around other tractor implements with a pig pole. I’ve also moved several hundred pieces of firewood from one place to another. I’ve a man gate to build and some more cleaning and straightening outside.

I’m frankly thankful to get away from the computer for a few days. Getting dirty and stomping around the property allows me to feel unhurried and without stress.

Editor’s Note

This is another entry that I originally submitted to WordPress as a “Page” (a high-level object  with a continuous presence.) I am removing the page and resubmitting it as a “Post” which is a part of the continuous stream of my teaching, rants, and opinions.

It reminds me that I would like to write a series of articles (for the Clean Run?) entitled “Teaching Agility with Games”. I am a huge advocate of agility games. And while the world is a bit lack-luster in the approach to dog agility as a sport; I’m fairly certain that everyone can learn to have more fun.

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