The Complete Stuart Mah

I’m working on an eBook project with Stuart Mah that promises to be a very useful and dynamic tool for earnest students of the dog agility game. Mostly what we’re trying to do is document hundreds of the courses he’s designed over the years and put them into a .pdf from which the reader can load a course or an interesting segment of a course directly into the Clean Run Course Designer. It’s a heap of work that won’t be finished too soon.

Stuart Mah is a pioneer in the sport of dog agility and very likely one of the great handler trainers in the United States. I’m pleased and privileged to work with him on this project.


Here’s a sample of an interesting sequence that was pulled out of a course designed by Stuart Mah. This segment has a couple of different interesting moments. The handler can’t help but to study the problem and imagine himself or herself running through the puzzle with a keen agility dog.

Cold and Frozen World


The precipitation in this part of the world has taken on a cruel twist. First we got 6″ of fluffy snow. Then the precip changed to frozen rain packing down the snow and building over it a cruel crust of ice. That was followed by another layer of fat wet snow. So now the footing is treacherous and the roads are dangerous. And trees, all over my property are losing limbs for the incredible weight that is now being applied to every branch and bough. Note the trees in this photo are alongside the drive in front of our house. The boughs that you see touching the ground… I’ll typically park under those branches in the summer to hide my car in the shade and out of the sun.

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