For Hamlet

I’ve been going through some old exercises that I wrote like 10 or 12 years ago. I’m your basic string-saver, I never throw anything away. I find my old analysis interesting; sometimes keen, and sometimes ohmygosh how retarded. As much as possible in those days my analysis was based on watching a lot of dogs on a sequence either in competition or in my own training center, whilst trying to understand the actions of the handler and the response of the dog.

It is from this empirical data that I’ve always done my basic learning about agility. And I strive to continue to do so. I know it leaves me out from being a carbon copy clone of the big cheeses in our sport. But I’ll have to live with that.

Anyhow, I’ve adapted an old sequence “For Hamlet” (named after the dog owned by a good friend) into this evening’s Fun Run at Country Dream.


Perhaps in the spring we can get back outside and open up a little bit. But for now we’re in the building because of the cold, snow and ice outside. I always find the greater challenge when working in a space maybe half the size of a regulation agility field is finding flow without everything being scrunched up and crowded.


The dog’s path background for this course shows some pretty nifty flow. The hairpin at mid-left on the course was on and off the table. The tight little loop knot in the lower right was derived from the performance of a U-shaped pipe tunnel. So I am content.

I left a soft 10′ cushion between the course and the walls on all sides, and managed to draw a course with more than 20′ between obstacles on average. Amazing.

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2 Responses to “For Hamlet”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hi Bud,

    Is there a way to get your courses and exercises from this blog into CRCD so we can modify them a bit for our fields? I was never able to get the courses off the agilityvision blog, even after you posted instructions. So if you can set ti up on this blog, please make the instructions simple…… computers and me argue a lot.


  2. Lora Says:

    I like the name, and flow of this course.

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