Notes to the Agility Underground

For several months now I’ve been working with Shirley Ottmer of C-WAGS on a new agility program aimed at the recreational agility enthusiast. I’m most excited about the CCAP / that is, the C-WAGS Community Agility Program. This is a real attempt to address the growing schism between the top players in our sport, and the recreational player.

While we might draw some comparisons to the mostly defunct JFF agility there are some real differences in CCAP as it is being envisioned, providing a basis for regional competition, and possibly even international competition; and providing a titling program.

The real difference is CCAP is that it is community based. That means that CCAP will be played at the training center, developing into an interesting source of income for the host clubs. The cost of competition and participation should be greatly reduced which would make dog agility competition affordable to fans who might exist on incomes already stretched by economic conditions.

I clearly need to do some marketing. I’ll have to go on the road to get clubs set up for CCAP play. And it’s a formidable road trip… from Maine to So. Cal, from Florida to Washington. I’ll also be talking to agility teachers who do seminars about becoming sanctioned to lead the CCAP seminar / trial (one of several interesting forms that CCAP might assume).

C-WAGS will also have to build a judging corps for their games oriented agility program. Yes it’s true… we have another agility venue just about ready to launch in the U.S. It should be no surprise that it’s closely modeled on what we’ve done for years in the TDAA… rather than one narrowly defined suite of games, C-WAGS agility will be open to play any agility game. It’s about time that big dogs in agility get to have as much fun as the teacup dogs.

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2 Responses to “Notes to the Agility Underground”

  1. Judy Casserberg Says:

    I have been waiting for more information about your new venture, eagerly waiting, in fact. What about TDAA clubs? Will we fit into the format at all?

  2. budhouston Says:

    Hey Judy,

    I think the concept is that everybody who wants to approach agility as a recreational sport is going to be a fit. I’m pretty sure that TDAA clubs fit right in there.


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