Work Study Partnership at Country Dream

I propose a radical concept in dog agility recreation. In 2009 we’re going to begin a work-study partnership at Country Dream. Our general emphasis is on beautification projects for our 28 acre property in rural SE Ohio. The work-study partnership will apply to our agility and Rally-O camps, to recreational visits, and to our ongoing schedule of classes and clinics.

To tell the darned truth we’re very sensitive to the near-collapse of the American economy. There are a lot of people out there who are hurt by the economic mess and can’t afford an agility vacation with their dogs because of the high premium placed on that kind of recreation.

We want to provide a viable option for your agility vacation. If you’ll work a little bit, we’ll call it an even trade.

You’ll note the repeated use of the word “partnership”. We value your time and labor; you value our time and facilities; and we make a fair swap of resources. That’s a partnership. As to the labor, what we envision is a matter of tidying up our walking trails, planting flowers and trees, and building fences and bridges. We’d like to do a series of work-study camps for which people would arrive a couple days early to do projects at our facility, followed by several days of training and play in agility.

If you can’t spare extra days we can arrange for a work-study limited to the days of camp. There’s always equipment movement chores and other things to do. Frankly I would love to have a videographer at camp from time and maybe a good agility geek to help us with networking and internet puzzles.

Should you be interested in scheduling a work-study visit at Bud Houston’s Country Dream, please contact Marsha at She’ll walk you through the possibilities.

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  1. Ron Watson Says:

    Hey Bud,
    I think this is a great idea.

    We will look at bringing it to the Disc Dog Bed and Breakfast as well.


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