Agility Training in a Small Universe

Tomorrow I’m faced with a handling seminar in a relatively small space. This is nothing particularly new to me. I have hundreds of exercises rolling around in my head.


Whether I’m designing a course for sanctioned competition or a training exercise, I treat the boundaries of the field as though in were bounded by brick walls. That means a dog gets a 10′ turning radius on the dismount of a jump and, frankly, at least 10′ to make the approach.

I pulled this sequence out of my eBook Small Universe. It’s kinda nice to page through a bunch of exercises I’ve designed over the years. I might start out with this one. But it strikes me that with a little movement I can turn it into something quite technical and interesting.


Mostly what I was looking for here is dealing with wrong-course options. Some of the options are obvious, as in the turn from jump #4 to the weave poles. Some are more subtle, like the #2/#9 wrong course option in the transition from the pipe tunnel at #3 to jump #4.

On the Road

I’ve begun a short road trip as I write this. I’ll be doing a one day seminar in the small floor space, and then a half day seminar followed by a day and a half judging TDAA; both of these in the Racine, WI area.

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