Live to Run Again

I’m on the road this weekend both with seminar and judging. I drove up here, and will drive back. The real difference between driving and flying is that I don’t get to sit in front of my computer for the many travel hours.

These days I’m a big believer in books on CD. They keep me awake and entertain me. I wonder all the time if listening to someone read a book actually counts as a book that I read. While I should get credit for having read the book; I really didn’t, did I? Watching television, listening to the radio, or listening to a book on CD are all passive acts. Reading a book is an active thing.

When I was a youngster I recall that I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And my older brother, Travis, read it at about the same time. Well you know, he buzzed through those books in about three days, while I was at least two weeks on the journey. He scoffed at me with that older brother disdain and told me I was a slow reader.

But you know I have ever been an enthralled kind of reader. Some things just aren’t meant to be fast. I roll words around on my tongue. I want to hear “voice” in dialog so I pace the unfolding of dialog as I imagine the character might say it. I imagine the colors of the landscape and sometimes even capture the scents and smell of the trappings of the story.

Travis later confided to me that he skipped over the boring parts so he could get to the good fight scenes. I imagine he really liked the last stand of Boromir. But ultimately he could not appreciate the betrayal and sacrifice in the passage without knowing the character of the players beyond the very narrow dimension of the fight.

One thing I find in listening to books on CD is that I’m gaining a growing and fascinated respect for the readers much as you would actors in a good film. I’ve listened to a couple of very good books that were read by Will Patton. (as an actor: The Mothman Prophecies, Remember the Titans, The Postman). As a reader, however, I find his voice rich and real. He has read Thirteen Moons, Assault on Reason, and Crusader’s Cross.

By the way, at Country Dream we maintain a Live to Run Again library. For the people who drive any distance to come train with us we make the library available. Take a tape or two; leave a tape or two if you have them. The book on CD will keep you from getting drowsy at the wheel as you make your way home. For more information on Live to Run Again:

I haven’t planned very well. I took two books with me on this trip, and I’ve already listened to both of them. It’s about a 9 hour drive home (from Racine, WI to Waterford, OH). After today’s trial I’ll probably drive as long as I can. But the moment I feel a bit drowsy I’ll find me a hotel and settle in for the night.

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  1. Ronni Says:

    I’ll have to try and remember to get some CD books the next time I travel.

    I usually rely on pumpkin seeds. It takes a bit of work to get the seed out and helps stave off drowsiness.

    Love your blog and your insights into agility. Very refreshing, smart, innovative!

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