Actualizing the Psychotic Vision…

I’ve been reviewing TDAA courses and games all day. There’s an activity that will make your mouth dry and your mind numb to be sure. There’s a thing that I always comment on when reviewing… I call it the ripsaw effect. The ripsaw is created when the pipe tunnel (a canon after all) is firing the dog a direction that crosses the handler’s probable path. It will often enough cause the handler to collide with his dog and might even be considered dangerous. I will usually put a footnote to the effect that we can’t expect all handler’s to have the skill and forethought to avoid the collision or even think about it.

That being said… a training sequence jumped right into my head and I had to run out and draw on CRCD. Here I’ll share it with you so you can see exactly how evil it is.


Having drawn it now, of course… I’ll have to inflict the “training” sequence on my students. You know it’s a funny thing. I have a fairly clear vision of how I would attempt the handling. This sequence has a stereo effect that allows you to repeat over and over so that even if your handling succeeds once you’ll have two more tries just to measure if it was a fluke that you did so.

The return trip back to jump #13 is a bit on the whimsical side and is, I suppose, a found poem.


If we reverse the orientation of the U-shaped tunnels it is considerably the same number and scope of challenge. The one true difference is that the handler must approach the ripsaw tunnels out of handling mode with the dog in full flight rather that quietly and confidently contemplating the performance from the steady controlled moment of a start-line release.

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  1. Gina Says:


    Thanks for your comments.

    Your sequence 5-7 is what we would refer to in English agility terms as a Flick Flack. Also know as a serpentine or snake.

    Re: Easter Egg Skelter. The one class was a Helter Skelter and you had to pick up a chocolate easter egg halfway round whilst directing your dog round a pinwheel. The other was a normal Helter Skelter with Easter Eggs as prizes.


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