5 Easy Pieces

What should we train for these days? Although I’m an advocate for running and allowing the dog and handler to get up to full speed; I’m also interested in training for the technical challenge. And I would also like to ask the question… can’t we have both?


This isn’t a terribly technical sequence; but it does have its moments.  Clearly coming off jump #4 the dog has a direct path to the dogwalk. The handler needs to sell the turn to the weave poles without overselling the turn and so introducing the dummy jump (#2).


This sequence has a nice flow element to it through the opening three obstacles. I should love to see from my own students a Front Cross on the landing side of jump #3 just to tighten the turn and fly the dog back down to the dogwalk.


For my own students we’ll rely on a bit of distance training magic, using a layered Tandem from #3 to #4 so that the handler can have a real estate advantage to manage the pull-through from jump #5 to the weave poles at #6.


Well dang we have an open angle threadle with a wrong-course dummy jump. Even if the handler successfully negotiates the series of jumps the dog will be presented with a pretty tough approach to the weave poles.


This is about as technical as it gets. The transition from jump #2 to #3 represents a pull-through and probably begs to turn the dog left after #3. So if we get through this bit, the closing lets us get back up to speed and get off the course.

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  1. Nora Says:


    By “canon” I think you mean “cannon”. Unless you actually mean that a tunnel is an ecclesiastical rule or law enacted by a council or other competent authority and, in the Roman Catholic Church, approved by the pope. Which is unlikely.

    Sorry, I’m a technical writer.

  2. Nora Says:

    Oops, sorry again–I put this comment in the wrong place. Still stands, though!

  3. budhouston Says:

    Hey Nora,

    Okay, I got that lesson not too long ago from another Roman Catholic. You see, I’m a Baptist. And if we had canons in church, I’m pretty sure they were for firing at Catholics.

    I too was a technical writer, back when I had a job in the rat race. I’ve always observed that I need an editor.


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