Bootlace and the Next Generation

An interesting thing about bringing up a new generation of agility dog, on some level you’d really like to just pick up where you left off with the last. I mean all those many hours of training and relationship building should be conveyable from one generation to the next. Right? Ah well, it doesn’t work that way. You must start at the beginning of the path and walk the entire path.

I also find that you should walk the entire path with new generations of agility students. You know, as a bit of a filler in yesterday’s mini clinic I put up a bootlace exercise, something like this:


And just to have fun with it, I challenged my students to put all of their movements forward and pulling, to preposition themselves on the side of every turn.

Somewhat to my amazement, they struggled with this basic Front Crossing exercise. The amazement came from the fact that I’ve put up this exercise dozens and dozens of time over the years as a basic skill builder for the Front Cross (and a variety of other skills as I intend to demonstrate over the next few days).

But then it sunk in with me. I simply have not presented this generation of students with this particular skill-building exercise. This has led me to consider a bit what other basic skill exercises I’ve not put up in awhile. My students and I can all just discover this stuff together again.

Camp is starting in about an hour. I gotta get going!

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