Recycling, Not

I’ve never been too keen on recycling courses. Certainly there are challenges of a type that show up in my courses. When there is a thing that tickles my fancy it’s likely to show up in courses just so I can see how the players out there will deal with it.

Here’s the opening to my Masters Jumpers course today.


While the sequence is certainly serpentine in nature, it also alternates between flat trajectory movement and wider, more generous movement. The placement of the chute in the Jumpers course requires the handler to step in to support the dog for an approach to jump #4. If the dog has any speed at all the handler is likely trapped behind in the #6 through #9 section of the course.

Aside from the hard aback turn between jumps #4 and 35 the dog’s path shows potential for building speed if the handler isn’t over occupied in gearing the dog down.

Anyway… I thought I’d throw this out there for your amusement.

Done in Tyler

I’m at the airport hotel as I write this. The local trial didn’t have a huge entry. I was a little disappointed in how few small dogs were running.

I’ll have camp starting on Tuesday. And so what time I have tomorrow I’ll need to be getting ready.

Marsha reports that my old boy Bogie has been feeling out of sorts. I found myself very worried about him over the past couple of days. I feel kind of guilty that my old competition companion of many years, my old champ, isn’t flourishing in his retirement. I need to give my boy more quality time.

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