Kory, the Daddy’s Boy

I had to go out of town in the very first week my new pup Kory moved to his new home. As I suspected Marsha is working at turning him into a momma’s boy:

As I’ve already said… I’m going to have him with me as much as possible this week during camp, though that probably can’t happen if he’s going to be a heathen in the x-pen. A crate is another option. Don’t get me wrong here. Life in a crate is no life for a dog. But I also recognize that a dog needs to nap in the day so that they aren’t mentally worn down.

Running Contacts?

I want to play with the idea of teaching running contacts while at the same time putting an unambiguous finish (two-on/two-off) on command. I’ve said that I’m not in a hurry, so the first year of training my boy can be a delightful playground of foundation experimentation.

Okay run down is a performance option and probably requires a command cue. Bottom is a performance option and must be put on a command cue. Is it really possible to have the best of both worlds.

This very week I’m going to make a presentation of a dogwalk trainer ramp to Kory. My trainer ramps are 8′ long and 14” wide and are big heavy sturdy things made of microlam. To tell you the truth I have no intention of elevating one end for the first week; though one end will be naturally elevated because of the angle iron on the bottom side that hooks into the cross-over platform when it is elevated. And all we’ll do is run the plank, then reward, run the plank, reward, run run run. I’ll be very keen to see if this puppy will stay neatly on the plank. If necessary I’ll introduce the contact training wicket as an independent performance obstacle, and then put it at the dismount end of the ramp to give him a target to work to.

Okay, sounds like fun. I gotta get going now… to get on my plane to go home.

How to Print a Single Blog Entry

Someone said they’d like to print my blog from time to time but they didn’t know how to do it without printing everything for the last 30 days. I thought I should help solve this mystery.

If you click in to the main page of my blog the current entries will be in one big scrolling presentation. But it’s possible to switch to a discrete presentation on an entry-by-entry basis. Click on the title of the entry! And now the title of previous and next entries will display at the top of the page so that you can step forward or step backwards through the entries. This also allows you to see the comments associated with a given entry as you page through.

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