Rain, Rain Go Away

At least it’s not hot. I had wanted to do some work outside this week but we have been daily raked by fits of heavy showers. The lower field is nonetheless on the soggy side.

I’ve been pretty busy what with camp and all. Aside from camp and my two-minute dog trainer sessions with my boy Kory I’ve tried to attend to a few miscellaneous chores. I planted a huge bunch of creeping myrtle (some people call it periwinkle) on the hillside going down to the lower field yesterday morning. I’ve had some rain erosion problems on the hill and need a robust ground cover to hold down the friable soil.


Here’s one of the exercises I put up at camp yesterday. When I put up a pinwheel I’m mostly I’m interested in how a handler might be defined by the inside of the box where, with most dogs, there is not adequate real estate for robust movement. And so I teach a playful attack on the pinwheel which has the handler stepping out and stepping back in to accelerate the movement.

This exercise had the added twist in which I specified that the handler would stay on the opposite side of the red line while sending the dog on for the performance of the weave poles at a lateral distance.

This bit was an interesting study in pointing. The handler points more surely with his feet that he’ll ever point with his hands. And yet many (if not most) handlers will instinctively turn their toes perpendicular to the dog’s approach to the weave poles rather than parallel. Typically this will spoil the send if the dog requires the handler’s support at all.

Well I rolled out of bed early this morning so I could write to my blog. I’m letting my puppy hang around with me out of crate in my office as I write. And you know, I gotta watch him every second. Puppies interact with the world with their mouths. I hear him tossing something around of the floor. I can only hope that it’s his kong toy but it might just as easily be the television remote. Oh and of course he’ll slip into the bathroom and engage in a game with the toilet brush or plunger.

I have chores calling. I’ll try to write more later.

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