Game Campers!

We had a hoot of a game this morning in camp. We’ll call this Just In Time bonus variation. I’m tempted to call it a Time Gamblers; but it’s not a dog’s choice game… it’s follow the numbers.


The trick is to guess your time on course. And, think about it this way, it’s more like a Steeplechase as there is no table, dogwalk, or teeter and so it’s going to rip somewhat faster than the typical standard course.

Faults are:

  • 5 faults for dropped bar, missed contacts and wrong course
  • 20 faults for failure to perform an obstacle
  • no refusals
  • no specific faults on the weave poles; but any error must be corrected or the dog earns a failure

A bonus of 10 seconds is earned for performing the weave poles on the opposite side of the containment line shown in red on the course map.

Faults are added to time and any bonus is deducted to arrive at score. At the end of walk-through each handler will report a guess for his score (time plus faults minus bonus) to the scribe. The scoring basis shall be guess minus score.

Bonus Question

Where is the dog most likely to take a wrong course in this game? First correct answer will win a free copy of Get Paid for Reading my BLOG.


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4 Responses to “Game Campers!”

  1. Erica Says:

    If it were me, I’d probably be toast at the 2-3 since I’d be overly focused on forward motion and overrun my line and push my pup off the 3

  2. mariann jackson Says:

    at 12-13. over rotation of the handler or the dog slipping behind the handler

    • budhouston Says:

      … and we have a winner. I can about guarantee the most frequent wrong course in this game will be in the transition from 12 to 13. Over-rotation (is what causes the dog to slip behind the handler); or committing to a Cross before the dog gets to the corner of the turn.


  3. larsj Says:

    GPFRMB is not very good bait.

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