Handling Riddles


There’s a bit of a handling riddle I want to share with you here. The interesting bit is the serpentine suggested by the midcourse transition from the weave poles at #5 to the weave poles at #7.

The part that I found fascinating is that every last one of my students got to the end of the #7 weave poles dog on right. Admittedly one of them did a twizzle – a technical Front Cross dismount of the weave poles (a thing that used to be known as the Axford Axel). For the most part they were all in a technical Tandem position with their dogs. In general it led to big loopy turns back to the #8 pipe tunnel. A dog or two might have gone out to pick off the #2 jump wrong course; though in general people survived the wobbly moment.

I approach course work in a relatively logical manner. I’ll say that it is one of the Laws of a Dog in Motion that the dog turns most naturally towards the handler. So the clever handler will endeavor to be on the turning side of the course whenever possible.

My challenge to my students was this. Get the weave poles at #7 on your left side on the approach. It was interesting to watch. Once they understood the challenge everybody managed just fine to have dog on left, and the wobbly nature of the approach to the pipe tunnel at #8 evaporated.

So here’s the question for you (who don’t get to be in my classes)… How do you get dog on left for the approach to the #7 weave poles?

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You have to see the picture of the boy doing the weave poles (on all fours?) in this blog. It’s cute as the devil.


… and a bit of the fantastic.

I Want Your Proxy!

Some of you may have noticed that I started the day with an appeal for TDAA proxy ballots on TDAA Member and enthusiast Yahoo discussion lists. I won’t go into what got me started. Suffice to say that I’m a great believer in democracy; but have little tolerance for bureaucracy. This ain’t my first rodeo.

Following is the complete text of my solicitation of TDAA ballot proxy assignment:

* * *

These are exciting times! We have a number of interesting rules changes that mostly come from our creative and careful membership. And they will be put out soon for vote by the membership of the TDAA.

In order to make your voting experience more relaxed and ensure that your voice is heard I ask that you trust me with a proxy ballot (as authorized by the TDAA Bylaws).

I have established a discussion group on Yahoo for everyone and anyone who will trust me with a proxy ballot. Membership in this list is exclusive to those who will assign to me their proxy. And it gives us a forum in which we might discuss every item up for election. To join this group set your browser to: TDAAProxy-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

You are required to be a member of the TDAA in order to cast a vote. If you aren’t presently a member I urge for you to join if for no other reason than you can take part in this interesting 21st Century experiment in democracy and the internet. A TDAA membership application is available at:


You probably know that I started the TDAA. It could have simply been a profit center for me and a closely held business. I had a very specific vision for what the organization might be. I believed then, and I believe now that a member run organization is important in today’s world. I believe in the democratic process. Of course when I pulled that trigger I pretty much lost the right to have a continued vision for the organization that held any weight.

This is an interesting social and democratic experiment. I do hope that you will join me.

Bud Houston


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston: BudHouston@hughes.net. And Check out my new publication the Idea BookAgility Training for a Small Universe available at www.dogagility.org/store.

4 Responses to “Handling Riddles”

  1. solvt Says:

    Well – it is a bit far to travel to learn how to have your dog on the left on the approach to the second weave poles 😉 What about two front crosses, one before #6 and one before #7?

  2. Teri Says:

    5-6-7 is a serpentine. Handle it as such from the back side of 6.

  3. Nora Says:

    Agree with Teri. you could also send your dog to #7 and then rear cross if you’ve found yourself out of position.

  4. Pugahontas Says:

    Blind crossing from 6 to 7 would also work…

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