The Designer’s Intent


The long straight line to the tire only wobbles briefly at the pipe tunnel. It would be easy for the handler to be trapped on the approach side of the initial tunnel/A-frame discrimination and not be able to support the dog properly out to the tire. Indeed if the handler is too far behind the dog might wrap to a wrong course performance. Note that a straight presentation of the two opening jumps offers the A-frame all the way.

The dog will get a second look at the discrimination. Though if you really study the dog’s consequential path coming off the dogwalk, with a right turn after jump #8, the line now favors the pipe tunnel… which the judge has slyly numbered the A-frame for performance.

Dog and handler face one last little discrimination with the pipe tunnel at the #13 short set of weave poles. Note that if the handler runs all the way down to the tire after the performance of the A-frame, it seems unlikely that he’ll be in any position at all to do anything particularly elegant to keep the dog out of the pipe tunnel.

Another Handling Riddle?

Okay… The course designer has pretty much described the intended challenges (as though you couldn’t clearly see them yourself). How would you handle this sequence?


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