The Eagles Sign Michael Vick

I am so sorry to see this news. What it really means to me is that I will not support NFL football so long as Michael Vick is a player. Cruel? He is a remorseless brutalizer of animals. He fights them and inflicts wounds and terror for sport and delight (and money). And to cull his pack of underachievers his method is to take them out back and choke them to death.

My thinking all along is that the NFL would turn their back on Vick because his crimes were so much more heinous than those of Pete Rose… that the owners would be men of dignity and morality and ethics. This is what I thought and fully intended to continue believing this until they proved me wrong.

And now, they’ve proved me wrong. And I’m so sorry because I’ve been an NFL football fan for the entirety of a fairly long (so far) life.

I guess I’ll be more of a college football fan this year.

An Old Story

When I was a young boy of about 9… I was walking home from church on a Sunday afternoon. And I happened by a young girl sitting along the road-side with a little terrier. As I walked past she looked up at me with a contorted hateful expression on her face… and she told her dog “Sic him!” The little dog immediately attacked me, tearing into my pant leg and drawing blood.

As young boys will do I arrived home crying about what had happened to me. My mother made a big fuss over it. But my dad didn’t say anything, really. He left the house and gathered up my uncle. And the way the story goes is this… they went and gathered up this little dog and took him to the town dump, where they put a bullet through his head and left him.

I think my dad told me the story years later, when he reckoned that I was old enough to understand what had happened. And even then, adult that I had become, I protested that it was not the dog. It was the little mean-spirited girl.

This story is mostly as an acknowledgement of where we come from. Dogs are animals and have ever been disposable in our society. A dog that bites people isn’t going to live very long. And think about this… what does the expression “That dog don’t hunt!” mean? Moreover, what does it mean for the dog? Well, any dog person can tell you… if that dog don’t hunt, then he’s not contributing to the welfare of the household and he’s a candidate for being culled (taken out and shot in the head).

Fighting Dogs

Fighting dogs are for entertainment, and gambling. In today’s society the only useful purpose of the dogfight is to identify human’s who are misanthropic and psychopathic. I’ll bet you anything that OJ Simpson would have had no problem gutting a dog with his knife. It certainly didn’t shatter his spirit to do the same with a human being..

There’s a correlation between the unfeeling man who will be cruel and monstrous with a dog… and the man who will murder his neighbor or his spouse without remorse or pang of conscience.

It is symptomatic of the mass murderer that he begins his “career” of malice with defenseless animals… and graduates in boldness to exercise his sport on humans.

I’m sure some readers will believe I’m making a spurious leap in logic. But think about this… how far are we really from the glory days of the arena in Rome where man was pitted against man… or against wild beasts? We’re not very far at all.

The Bite that Kills

There’s nothing that kills more dogs than a dog-bite. The story of the terrier that bit me is an obvious example. We cannot abide a dog that will bite people. It is sadly tragic on one hand; but obvious and equitable on the other.

Let’s progress our logic to identifying humans who are the least worthy to have a place in our society. If you really want to find the monsters among us… all we really have to do is find those who inflict malice upon defenseless animals for sport and recreation. This is the path to finding the misanthrope and the psychotic. If a man feels nothing in the commission of a monstrous act… I submit that he’s not much of a man at all.

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3 Responses to “The Eagles Sign Michael Vick”

  1. Lora Says:

    The only reason I am not taking a similar tact as you is because I fully believe that Vick’s return is going to backfire. He lost 2 years of his life and career. There is no way he is in the same shape and has the same abilities after two years of doing nothing except growing older. Vick made his bed, now he gets to lay in it. And I think trying to make this comeback, with the inevitable failure, will be a more fitting “resting place” for him than if he had just faded away.

    • budhouston Says:

      I understand. Thanks for the note.

      And I also recognize that my “boycott” means nothing in the grand scheme of things. I simply feel that at the end of the day we are all responsible for drawing the fine lines of our own ethics.


  2. Michelle Says:

    I too was upset he was allowed to play again and earn milllions. He should have been imprisoned for much longer and thereby make him useless to the NFL. Shame on the Eagles for signing him; I hope it backfires for the team.


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