Discrimination Roller Coaster

I apologize for putting together a sequence that features two dogwalks. I reckon not everybody actually has two dogwalks and so it would be hard to replicate this training sequence. The big dogwalk is out on the floor mostly because I’ve put too much emphasis for several months on my new one with 8′ ramps. Well, I paid like a thousand bucks for it. That’s a proper motivator to want to get a piece of equipment into service.


For a number of years I’ve included in my training a concept I call the discrimination roller coaster. Does a course with a tunnel under a contact give you a good thrill? Imagine a course where we get four or five such tunnel contact discriminations.

I set this up in the building this evening. It was quite a bit of fun. But then, a roller coaster is supposed to be fun.


Kory was tutored today. He’s a bit of an unhappy camper this evening. I’ve got him on restricted movement for the next ten days. He’ll just have to get used to it. Marsha is off to Washingtonville this weekend for a TDAA trial with Hazard. I was going to go; but I really need to hang out with my boy.

40 Years? Really?



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  1. sligo Says:

    This is what I remember about Woodstock…

    I was at a summer camp in South Kortright NY. One day, all the counselors left. They went POOF. All gone. Not that the campers cared, for as long as there were ponies, what difference did it make?

    About four or five days later they all came back, with stories of how they had a great time listening to music at some farm down Route 17.

    So there ya go! The ponies and girls didn’t really care. 🙂

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