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Okay, I’ve been outside doing major kinds of projects for like the past three days. I gotta tell you something. I have so much stuff on my to do list that whatever I do, I manage to feel guilty about what I’m not doing. That’s a cold corner to be in, if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, I cleaned up an area down by the lower cabin that was apparently a favorite dumping ground some 40 years ago or so. I moved a load of red bricks. It was a funny thing that reminded me of an ice berg. There was a little stack under a tree… and I started pulling them up and loading them on the John Deere trailer. But you know, I just kept going down and down, and there were more and more bricks. I also discovered another ice berg of river worn paving stones. This was a big load too. And I put it to work in Marsha’s lily bed.

Hauling stones and bricks is no work for children. Though I’d submit it’s no work for old men either. Mostly I reckon I spent three days mining ancient forest compost though. The previous owner had stacked lots of derelict lumber many decades ago. A lot of this simply was falling apart and got raked up in a couple hundred pounds of compost which wound up in my garden. However, a good deal of the wood got burned in the fire pit. It burned hot all three days.

I also dug up a lot of scrap iron, including this rather cool round saw blade that measures about 3′ across. But that makes sense… don’t you think? You have an old mill saw you don’t know quite what to do with… so you toss it outside, under a tree, on a pile of lumber. Makes sense to me.

Back to Agility


Okay, I made this for my own amusement. I expect I’ll set it up in the building tomorrow. I have plenty of teaching duties coming up in the next couple weeks. So I wanted to move everything around so we don’t have that déjà vu feeling about the set of equipment on the floor.

I remind myself this evening that it’s cool and fun and settles the mind just to draw an agility course for the fun of it. Agility courses with the dogwalk running through the center of the course tend to suck considerably. I’ve seen very few judges pull it off with much success at all. The best thing about them is that the down contact isn’t jammed up against the ring rope so that there’s six guys there co-judging the contact with you (from the great vantage-point of their lawn chairs.) Anyhow, I didn’t begin the design with a mind to jam the dogwalk in the middle of the course, that’s just where it wound up.

Mostly I was trying in this course to trap the handler on what might feel like the “wrong side” of his dog. It’s not such a terrible riddle really, because I have at least a couple students who adore working the wrong side. But for the rest of them (the sane ones)… this should be an interesting ride.

I’m also always keen to provide ample real estate between the obstacles. This is always a trick—or an art form—in a space constituting about 1/2 what you’d find in the big dog venues.

I’ll let you know how it runs!


Cincinnati Subway?



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  1. Mister Bunny Says:

    Interesting…the Cincinnati subway is close to being a contemporary for NYC’s IND 8th Avenue line (the A train). That one worked out a little better I guess…

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