Tie-Dye Party

We spent the day making tie-dye tee-shirts. Many of these will be the official “Country Dream” tee-shirt. A few were held back for our Petit Prix “West Virginia” team. It was fun. I’m considering some way to do this in the future to incorporate some nice silk-screen line art into the mix.


Here’s Marsha applying dye to the rolled shirts. It’s not really as messy as it looks.


This is me, supervising the operation.


This is Dave, our mad scientist chemist.

Kory’s Training Program

I know I said that I won’t be jumping Kory until he’s a year old. But let me amend that to say I won’t be jumping him at full-height until he’s a year old. For now it’s an admirable training objective to teach him to go between the standards, and over the bar.

I’m frankly beginning with an own the pinwheel exercise. We haven’t progressed very far. I’ve just begun with him, and I’m not in a hurry.

BLOG475_04This is a simple training regimen. I begin with all the winged jumps abutted in the center so that there’s nowhere to go but over the jump bars. I concentrate in the beginning in facing the next correct jump for my dog. The verbal directive might begin with “Jump”… but I immediately change to “Go On! Go On!” to distinguish between jumps as individual obstacles, and my desire for him to continue working the pinwheel as though it were a single obstacle with multiple elements.


By the second day I have opened up the pinwheel so that the edge of each wing stands off the center point by about 18”. I’ll probably be here for a couple days… as his error rate was something over 30%. I’d rather have him keeping his nose down and “owning” the pinwheel more at 95%.


In the mean time Kory has mastered the “Back-Up” command brilliantly. I began with facing him when asking him to back up. He’s pretty cool as he’ll scootch back 8′ or so rather quickly on his long spindly legs. Today I introduced a transition of the skill with both of us facing the same direction with him in Heel position. So now when I ask him to back up, we both back up.

In a day or two I’ll bring the ladder out. And we’ll work on backing up through the ladder.

TDAA Trial Coming Soon

Our premium is available for the October 3-4, 2009, TDAA trial at Bud Houston’s Country Dream in southeastern Ohio (just 15 minutes from Marietta, 20 minutes from Parkersburg, 40 minutes from Athens).

We’re offering four rounds of Standard (all levels), plus Go For Broke, Pinball Wizard, Quidditch, Super Dog, and the PETIT PRIX FINAL ROUND GAME, Who Dares Wins.  Premium contact marshahouston@hughes.net    Premium is also available on the TDAA website.

PLUS   Prior to the trial we have a 4-day teacup agility camp where we’ll be preparing for our trip to Wisconsin for the TDAA nationals — the 2009 Petit Prix !!

PLUS   I’ve got a cottage available, as well as a guestroom in the house. These are usually occupied by folks here for camp, but we’ll open them up on the trial weekend if still available

For more information contact MarshaHouston@hughes.net.

Petit Prix Warm-Up Workshops

These are mostly sold out already…

Preparations are underway for two days of Petit Prix Warm-Up Workshops, to take place in Racine, Wisconsin, with instructor Bud Houston. Bud not only created TDAA, establishing it as our all-time favorite venue, but he literally wrote the book on agility games rules and strategies.

If you want to be prepared for the 2009 Petit Prix you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to attend some or all of these workshops. We’ll be working on the handling skills required for teacup agility as well as games strategies. Workshops will all be held at the Greater Racine Kennel Club and our host will be Wayne Van Deusen.

Because people have diverse travel schedules we’ve once again chosen a component system for the workshops, with plenty of room for auditors and a solid discount for attending all 4 …..

To register, please contact marshahouston@hughes.net. She’ll send a pdf of the registration form, cancellation policy, and waiver.  Thanks, and see you at the Petit Prix !!!


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston: BudHouston@hughes.net. And Check out my latest publication the Just For Fun Agility Notebook #30 available at www.dogagility.org/store.

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