If Agility Were a Job

You know, I hear people say from time to time that they wouldn’t like to do agility “as a job” because they might lose their joy for it. I’ve always wondered at the statement… I mean, I’ve been doing this for a job for something like 20 years. Indeed, I quit my daytime job something like 12 years ago and haven’t much looked back at all.

I guess some people must hate their jobs or something. And they feel that if they were making a living doing a thing then they’d hate that as well. Oh my god, maybe they should look for another job?

Someone said once that if your job is something you love… then you won’t work a day for the rest of your life. And I really love agility, and I always have. But on a more realistic note, I pretty much consider mowing lawns, vacuuming the training room floor, designing courses and setting courses to be very specific work for the job that I love. So, it is work. But I appreciate the sentiment.

I’m on the road this very moment, as my busy season is jumping into full gear. I did a TDAA seminar/trial on Friday. I ran my girl Hazard in a TDAA trial yesterday and today. And for the next three days I’ll be a seminar presenter. All of this, by the way, is in Chatham, IL. This is one of my regular stops just about once a year.

I get home on Thursday and will be off on the road immediately for a TDAA trial/seminar in eastern PA. And then I drive home in time to get back on the road for the TDAA Petit Prix in Racine, WI. I have two days of warm-up seminars before the Petit Prix (I think they’re pretty much sold out)… and then the Petit Prix itself.

This is my life.

I’m on the road with Kory and Hazard. It’s really good for Kory to be out here with me. So far he’s led something of a sheltered life. I’m very interested in how he deals with meeting lots of new people and dogs. And I happy to report that he’s a level-headed boy who is quite appropriate with everyone he meets. Hazard, of course, thinks he’s a complete barbarian and doesn’t properly respect her role as canine princess.

Kory doesn’t much like trains though… especially those fast little commuter trains that roar buy early in the morning (right next to the training center and ddoggie exercise area in Chatham).

I’ll try to write more while I’m here. I confess to pretty much melting down in the evenings watching TV and so forth. I’ma (getting to be an) old man and need my rest.

A Tea Party for John Galt?


Somone carrying a sign with a reference to Atlas Shrugged seems to suggest that laissez-faire capitalism is the answer to the problems we are currently facing. To me, this is naive. I can forgive Ayn Rand for ignoring the destruction of the environment and the existence of virtual money in the 1950s. But now? Now that it has become glaringly obvious how very serious these issues are?

Let John Galt stay in the world of literature. In the real world, there are other solutions required. – Jacob Shriftman

Now me:

You’ll note also that Ayn Rand tended to characterize the laissez-faire capitalist as heroic supermen with pure motive and the “struggling masses” as nearly-pathetic little cock-roaches. She was an extraordinary elitist and was clearly more aligned philosophically with Adolph Hitler than Karl Marx.

The “Tea Party” cult claiming association with the elite heroes of Ayn Rand is truly the warning at which a polite society should take alarm and dread. We live in dangerous times. Something bad is going to happen.


There are no second acts in American lives. — F. Scott Fitzgerald



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2 Responses to “If Agility Were a Job”

  1. sligo Says:

    What I want to know is WHO is riling up all of these folks. Is it Glen Beck? It’s scary stuff. So much anger is not good. The folks bringing guns to these things are really scary, and I say that as a gun owner. What the hell are they thinking?!?

    • budhouston Says:

      Certainly Glen Beck is one of the catalyst hate mongers in the media. I’m just waiting and watching. I feel like people must have felt in the early 1930’s watching the rise of the Nazi party (pretty much based on hate rhetoric ~ ala Fox News). Thankfully, there are some significant differences in today’s world. For example… they aren’t in power. But as public sentiment changes (we are a “democracy” after all) that could certainly change.


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