On the Road Again

On the Road [Keroac]… Again [Nelson]

Apparently I set my wake-up call this morning for an hour early. It’s one of those things that you punch in through the hotel phone. I’m pretty sure I picked 6:00 am. When I got up I dragged on yesterday’s dirty clothes and took my dogs out to get busy. Then I came back in, drew me a hot bath, and got cleaned up and dressed for the day. When I put on my wristwatch… It was nearly 6:00 am. Of course that means I must have set my wake-up an hour early.

So I have a little time to write to my web log. I’ve been fairly quiet lately because I’ve been pretty busy. After my trip to Springfield IL I got to be home exactly 21 hours before putting it back on the road. I got a night’s sleep, watched my Netflix turnaround (Amadeus); printed course-maps for the weekend; got my laundry done; repacked my bags; loaded up the car and dogs; and set out for eastern PA.

I forgot to bring a book on CD from our Live to Run Again library. So I’m left chasing NPR stations on the radio.

Introducing C-Wags

I think I’m done with the TDAA trial/seminar format. This weekend is pretty much my last outing. It’s time for me to switch my attention to the development of the C-Wags agility venue… a recreational, games-oriented venue very much like the TDAA, but for dogs of all sizes. It will offer an inexpensive community-oriented approach to the game of agility. At least, that’s my fondest hope.

What I really want to do is go on the road with a C-Wags “games camp” focusing much more on friendly neighborhood competition and games strategies than on dog and handler training.

What is C-Wags going to be? I just can’t say I know yet. Any agility organization is a creature of those who participate. The atmosphere you feel at any agility competition is created by the players, not by the organization. C-Wags won’t be as fast as NADAC. It won’t be as tricky technical as the USDAA or AKC. And it will hold to a higher standard than CPE. We’ll have to wait to see what kind of players this attracts.

The C-Wags titling program probably won’t come online for another six months. In the meantime we need to sanction judges and line up host clubs. C-Wags will allow a system of affiliate judges (local judges) helping to hold down one of the costs of the agility trial; And, C-wags will work with clubs to allow trials in smaller spaces… making it possible for the club to host a competition in their own space rather than renting.

Promises, Promises

I will endeavor to write this evening about the TDAA seminar/trial we are doing here in Exton, PA. Perhaps I’ll share a course or two and maybe give away some of my lecture points and exercise notes. I need to get on the road. I’m optimistic that my GPS can actually find the trial site!

1 Corinthians 15:10

But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me was not in vain.


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