Thousand Hour Eyes

In Karen Pryor’s lectures, she talks about having 1000 hour eyes in respect to eyes that have seen a lot and can analyze and predict behavior before it happens. Just so you know, the canny clicker trainer will give the click as the dog’s mind settles to resolve and the muscles begin to flow into motion to offer the training behavior. Yes, that’s right! All clicker trainers are quite crazy.

In the world of the agility instructor having good observational skills has to mean that the instructor sees all of the physical cues of the handler and the dog’s predictable response. “Thousand Hour Eyes” presumes that the instructor understands nuance of movement and the dog’s translation.

Red Roof’n It

I’m finished with the seminar in Exton, PA. It was a fun group of people to work with. And all, you might note, were small dog handlers. My teaching was quite radical by their local standards. This is one of those places largely influenced by big dog/Border Collie teaching. And, no offense, but these people don’t necessarily understand small dog training or handling at all.

It was a trial/seminar format. So it was about half as intense as my seminar teaching alone might be. But that was just as well. When you’re presenting new information it’s best not to get to overload.

The drive out didn’t really get me as far as I might have liked. I considered driving all the way to Morgantown, WV. That would have had me finding a bed at about 11:00 pm. I was already tired and feeling a bit drowsy. So I pulled over in a hamlet in western Maryland following a billboard that promised a Red Roof Inn. As it turns out, I’ve stayed here before. It must have been when I did a judging gig in eastern PA several months ago. Who could really swear though… if you’ve seen one Red Roof, you’re pretty much seen them all.

I’m letting my dogs run freely around the room. They’ve been consigned to crates for most of the past week and a half. So they’re bouncing around. Oh, I’ve got them settled a bit with a couple cow hooves. Hazard is working earnestly on hers. But Kory is tossing his around like a toy.

The week ahead will be a little busy. We have a camper staying over for four days prior to our TDAA trial next weekend. It probably means about three hours of private lessons each day. This will be relatively laid back for me given my schedule the past couple of weeks, and should give me plenty of time to get Kory out in the training building for a series of dailies. It’s time to give him a proper introduction to agility. He’s 7 months quickly going on 8… we’re going to learn the joy of sequencing.

Conspiracy Theories

Robert E. Howard


“This is a very well-known photograph of Robert E. Howard taken in 1934. According to his then-girlfriend Novalyne Price, he hated wearing a suit, tie, and hat, yet he went to a studio and had several photographs taken because she liked it when he dressed.” – Wikipedia

I always tell this story… the pulp mags paid pennies “per word” for the stories they published. So writers of the era, like Howard, adopted a florid multi-adjective kind of descriptive prose. Rather than saying “the man was muscular” he’d write something like “the man’s quivering masses of steely hewn chorded muscles rippled across massive shoulders”. Of course that’s how we got characters in fiction like “Conan the Barbarian”.

Now I’ve given myself away… I go for light literary fare when I’m out on the road.


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