We took a leisurely approach to getting to Racine, Wisconsin… about twelve hours of driving, spread out over two days. Okay, that’s pretty lazy. But sometimes casual is a pretty good way to go. Marsha and I share driving duties. I’m always very careful to let the driver be the driver and I just let the drive be and mind my own business. Though I noted that as we drove through Chicago Marsha was pretty keen to follow the speed limit. And so she settled behind a US Mail truck that sedately chugged along in the right-most lane while the locals whipped by us on the left at 20 or 25 MPH above the posted limit.

It rained the most of the way on our trip up. By the time we got here the rain had pretty much stopped; though Tuesday was a windy day. We’re staying at the Radisson which is a nice hotel if you could the comfort of the mattress and the number of nice soft pillows as key indicators.

Our back window looks out over a marina and something of a view of Lake Michigan. I saw a young fisherman pull a ten pound Salmon out of the marina water right behind our room. I was sorry I hadn’t brought along my fishing pole. Though to be sure, I’m not too sure what I’d do with a big salmon.


We went for a walk down to the levy. The water was whipped up pretty fierce by the wind. Oh, and Marsha took this picture of me and Kory.

Don’t see me? Well… if you look at the stand of trees in the back… we’re under left-most tree. Okay, I couldn’t see it myself, so I used photoshop to cut out the little area that might be us… and blew up the frame to this:


Okay. Close enough.

Warm-up Clinics First Day

We had a pretty good day at the Greater Racine Kennel Club. About a dozen showed up to get the first two of four Petit Prix warm-up workshops. Another six or so will join the group tomorrow, so we’ll probably do split group work.

It’s a very nice bunch of dogs. I’m working with skills, strategy, and a mind-set for a competitive go at the Petit Prix, which begins in three days. I’ll keep you all up-to-date on how things go along.


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