Mulligans… yep, I want a do over!

I’m afraid that I wrote this long and rather insightful blog yesterday about a Masters gamble I judged over the weekend. And then the fates and the psycho fickleness of MS Word caused my system to crash… and I lost the entire file. I probably could have just sat down and rewrote the whole thing. But it was about three hours of work out the window and I was pretty depressed about the whole thing.

Instead, I turned my attention to more mundane matters, like chores and getting caught up on some of the work on my desk.

Just a couple of quick notes:

Updating my 2010 Calendar

I actually have a pretty good looking calendar on my computer, but it hasn’t been available in updated form for people to look at in quite a long time. Marsha and I are fairly busy updating what our training and camp schedule will look like next year. And so you’ll have to wait a few days before I can make the link public.

Work Study at Country Dream

All of our training, classes and camps, will now have a Work Study payment option. I’ve put up a permanent page for you to look at: I’m quite serious that just about anyone who is willing to work hard will be able to … with just about everything paid for, but the cost of travel to get here.

Rethinking the Web Store

Over the last couple of years I’ve had great trouble with my web store. It has crashed several times and the servers have been hacked. And my technical support really hasn’t helped me keep up with it. So I’m working now about dropping the web store and moving all eBook product sales to a service provider rather than doing it myself.

I’m off to a really slow start:


I have to go train my dog now… and set the building up for the evening fun run. I’ll try to catch up again tomorrow. Maybe I’ll rewrite that weblog entry that I lost yesterday (or just shoot myself).



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