In the Game

I’ve been very satisfied with the suite of courses I’ve put up so far this weekend at Pals & Paws. More and more I’m chiefly interested in a wide open sequences for movement so that the subtle challenges can be presented with the dog working at full speed.

There are a lot of great dogs in this part of the country and frankly some pretty good dog trainers; and maybe a couple three of the best handlers in the country. Of course if you follow my work at all you must know that I’m interested in the training and skill of the handler, as though the handler were a member of the team equal in responsibility and training and skill… to the dog.

I find myself very excited by watching the evolution of our sport.

Masters Jumpers

I had to share this course with you. I actually ran nearly the same course in Kansas City last weekend. The differences are subtle, but important.  You’ll note that the opening works rather like a sling-shot, gathering the dog and sending him at full speed into a technical handling sequence that doesn’t overly degrade the dog’s working speed (#11 through #17), and culminates in a finish with a flourish.

This course was quite fun.

I’ll share more with you over the next few days.

Course Presentation Note

The big text in the right border of this course is for a purpose. After I reduce the course to make exhibitor copies there is certain text that really needs to be legible. It mightn’t be so important in a Jumpers course… but trust me when presenting the nitty-gritty detail of a snooker course or a gamblers, exhibitors like to be able to read the fine print.


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