Just so you don’t think I’ve been lollygagging around these days, I should catch you up on what I’ve been doing. The better part of the past week has been spent designing my very own web-store.

Just in case you’d like to give it a browse… follow this link:

I’ve put all of my writing products (about a quarter-million pages, I figure) on an impressive product management system at These guys provide the credit card and Paypal processing in a very secure transaction environment.

Now, there’s a story to tell here I suppose. About ten years ago I bought a license for a secure proprietary web-store. The upshot of this was that I had to commit to a web service provider that charged me an arm & a leg to maintain the proprietary system and the huge data storage overhead.

The webstore was techie enough that I had to contract with a fellow who would do the necessary periodic maintenance. And, at that, it was never quite as pretty or as organized as I would have liked it. There was almost constantly something going wrong technically with the system; and for a guy like me, there already aren’t enough hours in the day.

Now I’m ready to close an old bank account, fire a merchant card processing company, dump my old web service provider, and save about $500 a year in the deal. With any luck, my products will be easier to find and my sales will increase.


The blizzard that hit the east coast yesterday has put me behind on some outside chores with which I was already tardy. I transplanted about 40 trees from the undercover of the woods within my property. And I was busy putting them all in planters and adding to the soil so they could over-winter; but the ground froze up and I was only about half done.

I also failed to haul my raft/barge up out of the pond. I don’t really want it to get locked in ice. So with any luck, it’ll warm up for a few days and allow me to go down with the tractor, and pull it out of the water with chains. I need to flip it over and do some repairs anyhow. My bad.

There are a couple of projects that I can do even with the bad weather outside. I’ve milled enough 1″ lumber to do I could new sections of wainscot in the training building. I’ll get them nailed up in the next couple of days. I’m 95% finished… and have to admit that it’s looking pretty impressive. This is 364 linear feet of wainscot wall, all done with recycled and reused lumber.

Another project that I only started… I was building steps from my back outside stairs into the garden. So I have two post holes dug and posts sitting down into the holes; which filled with water that is now frozen. I stopped midpoint because I had to go down to Lowes to buy a couple of long bolts which will be drilled through the posts and connected to the stair railing… and, I have to fill the holes beneath with cement. All of this construction, by the way, is merely to put two steps down from the deck into the garden. But I needed the posts so I can build a gate. I have a couple dogs that are fruit and vegetable stealing sneaks. So like I said, I need a gate.

Also, after my trip to attend the NADAC judges’ clinic I returned home with an immediate ambition to build “hoops”; a uniquely NADAC obstacle. I’ve got about a dozen of them built already; and only have to cut PVC to put together and finish a dozen more. This is a job that can be done in my basement


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