Wicked Weaves

Good distance training begins with independent performance of an obstacle. And for speed and reliability the approach and entry are integral to the overall performance. Some will think that this is an “ugly” sequence. But it fact it is about the ultimate test in the dog’s understanding of weave pole performance.

All of the weave pole approaches are -45°. The negative number indicates a blind approach. So the exercise poses the important question: does the dog understand his entry, or must the handler shape the approach? I knew what I wanted to do when I started the design of this challenge; I wanted on-side and off-side approaches both from a speed building flow, or coming off a turn that needs to be managed and tightened by the handler. It was a bit of an intellectual challenge.

Part of  the training or instruction for my own students will clearly be how to manage the turn efficiently while drawing the dog back into obstacle focus in a timely manner.

Go the Distance Workbook

I’ll be including handling and training notes on this sequence in Go The Distance Workbook #2 ~ Feb 2010. The new workbook is turning out to be a boatload of work for me.

#1 is available here:


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