Game for the Week ~ Near and Far


This game is a modified standard course.  At three specified places on course, the handler has an opportunity to earn a bonus as the dog goes ahead to perform obstacles (the “far” section) while the handler stays behind a specified line.  Crossing the containment line to help the dog will result in a loss of the bonus.  Other faults can be called as on a standard course. We’ll recognize the JFF/TDAA schedule of faults.

The “far” sections on this course are:

  • For 10 bonus points: #6-#8 while the handler observes the red containment line;
  • For 5 bonus points: #9-#11 while the handler observes the blue containment line; and
  • For 5 bonus points: #2-#14 while the handler observes the green containment line.


Near and Far is scored time+faults-bonus. The lowest score wins. If the final score is equal to or less than the SCT, then the dog has earned a qualifying score.

Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

There are 10 unique numeric digits in western accounting. In the following number I’ve arranged all of the “odd” digits in a logical manner:

5 9 1 7 3

Now, arrange all of the “even” digits using the same logic of organization, including a digit for “0”.

First correct answer posted as a reply to this blog post wins a free copy of the March Jokers Notebook.


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5 Responses to “Game for the Week ~ Near and Far”

  1. Betty Says:

    4 8 0 6 2

  2. Madeline Meharg Says:

    Hi Bud…know I’m late, but 48062.

  3. Ann Says:

    6 0 2 8 4

  4. Lora Says:

    They’re alphabetical by the letter they start with so the evens would be:

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