Game for the Week ~ Chances


The purpose of this game is to direct your dog over a simple short course and attempt a distance challenge. This course features separate containment lines for Novice dogs and for Advanced/Masters.

If the handler sends the dog to work (obstacles #5 through #8 on this course) while staying behind the red containment line, a 10 point bonus is earned.

If the handler sends the dog to work (obstacles #4 through #10 on this course) while staying behind the blue containment line, a 20 point bonus is earned.

For the purposes of league play this game will be scored time+faults-bonus.


It’s important to recognize that in NADAC Chances is not a “giveaway” class. In order to succeed the handler must communicate changes of direction and solve discrimination problems while the dog is working at an impressive distance and typically in flowing generous lines that promote a dog working at full speed.

In NADAC this is a pass/fail class and is not placed. If the judge calls any fault the scribe will mark the score “faulted”; if the dog runs without a fault the scribe will mark the score “no faults”. The dog’s time is handled in a similar fashion. If the dog’s time is equal to our less than 40 seconds the scribe will write a time of “40” on the scribe sheet. If time goes over 40 seconds the scribe writes a time of 41 on the scribe sheet.

Note too that the handler’s containment lines are more thoughtfully drawn for the NADAC Chances class. The NADAC line might suggest reasonable movement for the handler to enhance the dog’s chances for success in the class. As I have the line drawn above… the line is more of a riddle for the handler.

The performance of the distance challenge is not like the traditional gamblers class in venues like the USDAA and TDAA. The most important difference is that the containment line will apply to the dog as well as the handler. While the dog is permitted to cross the line in a reasonable working flow, the handler may not draw the dog across the line to shape a send back into the distance challenge. What constitutes “outside the box” thinking in a traditional gamblers class will earn a fault in NADAC.

Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

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  1. Karissa Says:

    Y, Arizona became Why, Arizona. :o)

    I think I will save your Chances set-up for this spring when I can get my equipment out again. It has long been my favorite NADAC class and your course looks fun!

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