Game for the Week ~ a Numbered Course


This is a numbered course judged using the “JFF” schedule of faults. Follow the numbers, keep the bars up, and hit all the yellow contact zones. Feel free to use whatever system of performance and faults that properly reflects the challenges for the venue in which you mostly compete.

For the purpose of league play, obstacle faults will not resulting in elimination. Faults will be given a simple weighted value. Placement will be faults, then time. There is no standard course time.

Refusals Not faulted
Missed weave pole 5 faults
Dropped bar 5 faults
Missed contact 5 faults
Off course 5 faults

The Agility League ~ Why We Play

The local agility league has been my favorite form of competition for about a decade now.  I know I should be more interested in being out in the world paying extravagant prices for titling opportunities in the various agility venues; but there’s nothing quite as fun as the weekly league competition.

As an instructor the weekly competition gives me invaluable information about my students as competitors. I know it’s not a big serious competition or anything like that. But there’s something that happens to the competitor the moment that they know they are being scored and measured and timed. And this is the quality that I want to witness. I can’t really chase my students in three directions every weekend to see them in competition. The local league play competition will have to suffice.

The design philosophy for league play games is to bring in challenges that I’ll see from time to time in competition. In class we can work on dog training issues, and handling skills. I’ve found that it’s a greater journey recognizing the application for those skills in competition. From an agility trainer’s point of view, it’s important for me to present my students with real-world challenges and to test the efficacy of my teaching.

Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

What was the name of the HBO special that featured the person in this photo? Who is this person?

First correct answer posted as a reply to this blog post wins a free copy of the February Jokers Notebook (or March, if you prefer).


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6 Responses to “Game for the Week ~ a Numbered Course”

  1. Paula Price Says:

    Is this Temple Grandin?

  2. Adrienne Says:

    “A Dog Year” and Jeff Bridges?

  3. debbi hopkins Says:

    Hi Bud

    Just an answer to the triva – I believe that is Sue Sternberg and her dogs from the Special “Shelter Dogs”


    Debbi Hopkins

  4. Adrienne Says:

    That’s a tricky course Bud. I train running contacts and I can see that it might be hard for me to get ahead of Emma on this course. And some places one would really have to be ahead.

    BTW thanks to what I have learned so far off your blog I have been able to make some smarter handling decisions. And when things don’t go quite right I am much more able to see what eactly happened. Now to see what happens at my next trial!


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