Game for the Week ~ USDAA Rules Gamblers


This game will be played using USDAA rules. This course features two possible gambles. The handler may direct his dog to complete either gamble in the closing. Either numbered gamble will be worth 15 points.

We will use a 1-3-5-7 scoring system. The A-frame is the 7 pt obstacle; 25 seconds point accumulation; 17 seconds for completion of the joker (for all dogs). Time stops when the dog gets onto the table. The table is live after the whistle announcing the end of the point accumulation period.

Obstacles may be taken in any order and direction; and there are no restrictions as to order and direction except that taking two obstacles in a gamble sequence in sequence order will invalidate that gamble. Further, if a bar is dropped in a gamble during point accumulation then that gamble will be made ineligible in the joker period.


This game is an abridgement of usual USDAA rules. For example, the USDAA will typically set different periods for the gamble for different jump heights. Also, in the USDAA there is a firm prohibition against doing any two gamble obstacles, one after another, without regard to order and direction.

Jokers Notebook #3 Now Published!

The most recent issue of the Jokers Notebook has been published. Follow this link:

This is the best so far in the series, and represented fundamental improvements over my work in the Go the Distance Notebook published by the Clean Run. Distance training is not static… it is dynamic, and evolving.

Tough Week

It’s been a tough week, to be sure. Writing the Jokers Notebook as mostly a tour de force commits me to about 30 original pages a week. Getting it published is quite a trick too as I have to create the .pdf and set links so that any Course Designer object can be spawned into the readers copy of CRCD for gentle edits and so forth. And every month I’m endeavoring to draw new original artwork for the monthly issue. I’m having fun with this… but it surely occupies a full day each month.

Of course the week also included a fun run night, a league play night with Intermediate and Advanced classes, and in this past week a six hour mini-clinic on Sunday.

I also had to carve out a bit of time to review some 60-odd TDAA courses. Course review for the TDAA is my ongoing responsibility. This will get tougher as the season heats up and there are more trials every weekend.

Also this week I finished up my taxes and got them off to my accountant in Phoenix (yah… Howard Rubenstein… a dog guy who’s been my tax accountant for like 30 years.)

Now let’s add to this time for training my dog (poor Kory!)… and setting the training floor several times a week, scraping snow off the drive, dragging in dry fire-wood. Oh my, it just never ends. Oh, and of course I’ve been pretty good about keeping my web-log going every day.

The web log is my little corner of sanity you know. It’s a bit stream of conscious and introspective. But it’s my web log, and I’ll be as introspective as I darned well want to be. Tho I’m always aware that it’s a public offering and my basic job in the world is to be a teacher; and so I just about always write from the instructors’ point of view.

Yeah, and it just occurred to me… this was the last week of the Winter Olympics. I’ve been a huge fan an advocate… so as I work I’ve been trying to keep up as best I can. It’s been huge fun.


On the death of Georgian athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili’s at the Vancouver Olympics… there was a fellow on one of the network channels that quoted a snippet of verse from A.E. Houseman’s poem “To an athlete dying young”. I thought it fitting that I’d share more of that verse in my web log.

THE time you won your town the race

We chaired you through the market-place;

Man and boy stood cheering by,

And home we brought you shoulder-high.

To-day, the road all runners come,

Shoulder-high we bring you home,

And set you at your threshold down,

Townsman of a stiller town.

Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

Who is this? And who does he represent?

First correct answer posted as a reply to this blog post wins a free copy of the March Jokers Notebook (or April, if you prefer).


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston: Check out my latest publication the Jokers Notebook ~ Dog Agility Distance Training Plan – March 2010 available on the Country Dream Web Store: . Readers of my web log get a discount: Enter “special03” in the box for the discount code. And that will take $5.00 off the price of the order.


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  1. Adrienne Says:

    This is “Slider”. He is the mascot for the Cleveland Indians. 🙂

  2. Adrienne Says:

    Hmm… Where did Kelly’s post go? She guessed on this too…


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