What’s My Line?


The objective of What’s My Line? is to perform all of the obstacles on the field without repeating or omitting any.

The dog earns one point for each obstacle performed successfully. Each obstacle has the same value, regardless of the difficulty of performance and regardless of the number assigned to the obstacle. On this course 10 total points are possible.

If an obstacle is performed twice the dog will lose a point for that obstacle. If an obstacle is faulted, the team will receive no point for that obstacle and the obstacle will count as already performed.

Time starts at the Start Line shown on the course map and ends at the table. The table does not count as a scoring obstacle. We will observe the “Mr. Banks” rule. The table is live after the dog has performed at least one obstacle.

There is no established course time, QCT or SCT!


What’s My Line is scored points then time. Time is a tie-breaker only. The team with the most points will win.

Performance faults are based on JFF/TDAA rules. That means up contacts are not judged.

Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

Who is this person? And, in what context might the photo have been taken?

First correct answer, posted as a reply to this blog post, wins a free copy of the June Jokers Notebook.


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11 Responses to “What’s My Line?”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I think it’s Julia Child, cooking for Mardi Gras!

  2. Laura Ormsby Says:

    Not sure if we answer the question of the week here or not…but I believe that it is Arlene Francis during the mystery guest round of What’s My Line game show?

    Laura Ormsby and TillyBelle (showing my age)

  3. Lisa Says:

    Is it Arlene Francis on the old tv show “What’s My Line?”

  4. Erica Says:

    Arlene Francis from the original tv game show “What’s My Line”. (I personally preferred Bennett Cerf)

  5. Kathy Hildreth Says:

    I agree with Lisa and Erica!, Looks like fun game, I might set it up and try it out.

  6. Ronni Says:

    So does each side of a tunnel and each side of a contact count as an obstacle? I’m trying to figure out where the 14 points comes from with only 10 obstacles on the field….

    • budhouston Says:

      Oops! I copied the briefing from an older game… and then I went through and edited it carefully. Well, almost carefully. Since I’ve changed the briefing future historians will want to know… I said there were 14 points possible, but there are only 10.

      Thanks Ronni.

      Bud Houston

  7. Dale Says:

    I’m with Ronni – with 10 obstacles on the course and each one worth 1 point, how is 14 the correct score?

    And it’s interesting that this is Arlene Francis, because she’s wearing a diamond heart necklace, and the other female panelist, Kitty Carlisle, always wore one. Boy is my head filled with useless information!

    • budhouston Says:

      Like I said…Oops!

      I remember Kitty Carlisle. Though I couldn’t have recalled the diamond heart necklace trivia.

      The picture I purloined was actually from an episode featuring Steve McQueen. Arlene nailed him after about five questions… even though he was using a faked out Walter Brennan voice.


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