A Found Poem

Based on the set of the floor I design a variety of sequences with which to challenge my students. I’m always keenly interested in problem solving skills in even simple sequences. It is a test of my own teaching.

One of the sequences that I put up began like this. Four jumps arranged along an arc in what appears to be a serpentine. What I witnessed, from my own students, was a game attack on the “serpentine”; but not terribly artfully done because of the curious rotation of the jumps along the edge of the arc.

What I suggested to my students is that they visualize the four jumps as two sides of a box… lining up the first two neatly, and making a 90° turn to line up the second two just as neatly. The oblique approaches to the jumps is quite an advanced presentation for many dogs. But what we found on the rerunning of the sequence is that the handling was simplified, clarified, and straight-forward.

Queen City

I’m on the road now with Kory and Hazard to show in a weekend trial with Queen City Dog Training Club in Cincinnati. I’ve swapped a day of seminar for entry fees and expenses. I don’t actually have a daytime job you know. So this is a great way for me to make the cost of showing my dogs affordable to me.

The club has been terrific to me so far, putting me up in a nice hotel with a gift basket, and reserving a parking place for me at the trial site. I think I’m going work hard to give them a hell of a seminar day!

I’ll let you all know how it goes with Kory, Hazard, and I this weekend. We have some performance details to work through with Kory. And I’m just no where near in a hurry with him and I really want to teach him how fun it can be. With Hazard, I just want her to be happy and run her best.

Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

What sort of pet did the female protagonist in the movie The Terminator own? What was the pet’s name?

First correct answer, posted as a reply to this blog post, wins a free copy of the June Jokers Notebook.


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  1. Nati Russell Says:

    Sarah Conor had a pet iguana named Pugsley.

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