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Okay… I’m finally done with the #0 issue of the Jokers Notebook. It has been quite a bit of work. I’m hoping that this will be a highly regarded reference for distance training in dog agility.

This is a unique publication of the Jokers Notebook; a single reference for the training steps that one might take for a young pup in the first couple years of the dog’s life. Issue zero of the Jokers Notebook is intended as a companion piece to all of the other Notebooks that we publish. While an individual Notebook might detail training steps for a skill, this reference is intended to be a consolidated resource dedicated solely to foundation training steps.

Our price $10.00; 126 pages.

Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

The drawing on the cover of issue #0 of the Jokers Notebook previously appeared on the cover of two Clean Run publications. What were they?

First correct answer, posted as a reply to this blog post, wins a free copy of the August Jokers Notebook.


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston: Check out my latest publication the Jokers Notebook ~ Dog Agility Distance Training ~ Issue #0 ~ August 2010 available on the Country Dream Web Store: . Readers of my web log get a discount: Enter “special00” in the box for the discount code. And that will take $5.00 off the price of the order.


5 Responses to “Jokers Notebook #0”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Introductory Agility Workbook
    and another I have stashed away somewhere that I can’t recall


    • budhouston Says:

      Wow Michelle… that’s really good. You’re already half right, but have opened the door for somebody to steal your answer… by finding the other part.

      Funny thing… I was at an agility trial a couple weeks ago and while I was awaiting my run…. right next to the club’s “library” I showed the gate steward a book they had in the library with a drawing of me and one of my old dogs. I also noted that the drawing I was using for the Jokers Notebook was on that cover… and like you said, it was the Intro to Agility Workbook.

      Now… for the other part.


  2. Courtenay Says:

    I might like to actually buy this one, rather than winning it. Hmm.. 🙂 Thanks for writing it, I’ve been excited about it since you first posted about it.

  3. Karissa Says:

    I am especially interested to read this edition — My young one turned a year old this week. Issue #0 purchased, time to start reading!

  4. Carole Says:

    I know the second part of the answer (because I keep everything)!

    Clean Run Magazine, Volume 2, Number 45 (December 13, 1996). I even knew NEA when I was in Arizona.

    I have been doing agility for a long time!

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