Meet Me at the Petit Prix

I will be leading a series of inexpensive modular clinics on the two days prior to the Petit Prix once again this year. We’ll be focusing on killer strategies for the games of the 2010 Petit Prix and, as usual, handling fundamentals for TDAA spaced courses. This will give the clinic participants an opportunity to get comfortable in the venue and on the equipment that will be used in the Petit Prix.

To reserve a spot in one or all of the Petit Prix warm-up workshops contact Marsha Houston at

The Roller Coaster

This is a standard course designed to explore handling for the 270° turn. Somewhat serendipitously the course features several “pull-through” challenges and, evidently, taunting discrimination challenges with the dog working at nice speed.

We will study how to use our distance skills to solve fundamental handling riddles. That’s the theory anyhow.

A study of the dog’s path shows a path of modest flow. The two tightly wound circlets are moments on course at which the dog is tucked into the tunnel under the contact obstacle. The dog’s path also shows no fewer than three hard-aback peaks, two of which represent a “pull-through” moment that will test the handler’s ability to get in a control position.

A study of the dog’s path is always useful. The harder the turn/change of directions the greater the drag on the dog’s ability to maintain a top working speed. It’s just a matter of physics. A greyhound race-track is a huge oval bigger than the outside track of a football field. This is calculated to create no drag on the dog’s ability to work at full speed. I don’t think a greyhound would like this track much.

Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

What university did this fellow attend?

First correct answer, posted as a reply to this blog post, wins a free copy of the August Jokers Notebook.


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston: Check out my latest publication the Jokers Notebook ~ Dog Agility Distance Training ~ Issue #0 ~ August 2010 available on the Country Dream Web Store: . Readers of my web log get a discount: Enter “special00” in the box for the discount code. And that will take $5.00 off the price of the order.


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  1. Adrienne Says:

    Is “pull through” used to refer to calling the dog towards you in between a couple of obstacles? Or to mean that you “pulled through” and didn’t mess anything up?

  2. Beth Moline Says:

    Penn State?

  3. Courtenay Says:

    I bought it! I bought it! Thank you so much for making a foundations book!!!

  4. beth murray Says:

    never played college ball, drafted out of high school

  5. beth (steve) murray Says:

    cookie gilchrist
    never played college ball

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