Simple Sequencing

This is a working set that has a couple interesting moments.

My intention from the beginning was to force a technical Front Cross as the dog dismounts each of the contact obstacles. It is small wonder that some of my students defy those basic expectations, choosing instead to draw the dog into the pinwheel from the outside and then step in behind in a Tandem Turn.

So after the entertainment round we actually got to practice the technical Front cross. And you know, it’s easier done if the dog actually assumes a 2o2o on the contact. If the dog has a running contact then a contact obstacle, particularly the A-frame, is an accelerator. It can be hard to change the dog’s mind and direction.

Although the sequence features a couple of tunnel-trap discriminations we really didn’t have a lot of trouble with the wrong course and so didn’t spend any time talking about how to handle it.

Okay, there is some merit to entering the pinwheel from the Tandem position. This is basic “own the pinwheel” exercise. The handler uses the Tandem to introduce because it creates separation and acceleration. Note that in the drawing the handler reserves room to take a couple steps so he doesn’t get hung up and trapped behind the jump.

On the Road ~ Medina, OH

I’m settled in to a Red Roof. I’ll be judging a TDAA trial here this weekend. I think it has been about four years since I was here last. I’d bet you I could use the same courses, and nobody would notice.

Because of this darned flu/cold haunting me I’m keeping myself medicated which means I’m a bit dull & slow; or at least duller and slower than usual if you can imagine. The weather is weird. It’s warm and breezy, and though there are clouds running across the sky, the world is a bit crackly from the lack of decent rain. As I drove up from Marietta it seemed like a landscape from Constantine or something. But that could just be the meds.

Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

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    Art Looklater was a pseudonym used by Boris (of Boris and Natasha fame) in one of the episodes.

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