Sticky Wicket

This is a training game aimed at teaching a special skill that most dogs in agility need to learn… getting measured.

Sticky Wicket is based on a numbered course. Near the middle is a table upon which sits a measuring device. When the dog gets up on the table the required performance will be a stand. The measuring judge will swing the bar of the measuring device and drop it down at the dog’s withers. When the measurement is done the judge will give the handler the measured number and say “Okay”. When the measuring judge says “Okay” the dog may leave the table and continue the sequence.

Please note that the measuring judge may say other things to the handler while the dog is on the table; things like “your dog needs to stand!” or “he needs to be close enough to the pole that the arm will reach his back!” or “make him look up, not down!” The measuring judge will patiently wait to get a correct measurement. But the dog’s time continues to run no matter how long it takes.

On and off the table faults will not be assessed in this game.

Sticky Wicket is scored Time, Plus Faults, Plus Inches; (I like this scoring basis because my dog jumps 8″). The dog with the smallest score wins.

Just So You Know

The course used for this game is a combination of two training sequences that are bridged together with the table. The game can be played either before or after the practice of the two sequences. It’s more interesting if you play it before.

Note: Wickets can be used for measuring dogs. Some agility venues don’t require a true measurement and use wickets.

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