This is web-log entry #666, the number of the devil; or so I’ve been told. Back when I lived up in Ostrander my phone number exchange was 666. My mother wouldn’t even call me.

Anyhow, tonight I’m very busy. I’m going to make a bid to take back ownership and control of the TDAA. More information on that can be found here: The Coup: http://wp.me/p18bml-1. It’s probably of interest only to TDAA people. And mostly it’s a matter of somebody stepping up to assume a position of responsibility so that our systems and programs actually work. That’s just too much to call on a “committee” to get done.

It’s not that I’ve lost faith in the concept of a member-run organization. The real problem is how to go about putting into place a body of representative volunteers that can do the job. Invariably politics raises its ugly head. So what I’m seeking to do is run the organization as a benevolent dictatorship while continuing the broad participation and input of the members of the association.

Just what I needed… another full-time job.

It’s Been A Tough Day

I’ve reviewed something like 60 TDAA courses for upcoming competition. I’ve been tidying up for a tricky TDAA board meeting this evening. Plus from about 6:00 I have a class and a couple private lessons. Right now I gotta go feed dogs and go out to set something interesting in the building. In the meantime I’ve had to pack for Pocatello. I’m leaving at O’dark:30 in the morning.

I’ll try to share with you what we do in Pocatello.

Evening Class

I set up this game of In & Out in class this evening. It’s wickedly fun… and very tough for the fast dog handler. I won’t belabor the rules. Just think of it as a numbered sequence.


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