The Golden Rule

Show restraint unto others as you would have them show restraint unto you.

Hello all. My recreation was football today, and old movies. I’m a sucker for both. Oh, and I had to do a bit of research to document Ralphie’s Run ‘til You Drop. This will evidently be a game played at the 2011 Petit Prix. And it looks like a lot of fun. It’s probably a variation of Just In Time. In an interesting twist the dog time ends after doing the teeter. You get it? Run ‘til you drop (the teeter). I guess I’ll be spending the Spring and Summer calibrating Hazard’s working speed.

Run ‘til You Drop

Also known as “Ralphie’s” Run ‘til You Drop this game is a variation of Just In Time with a grand bonus for correctly estimating the dog’s rate of travel.

The objective of Run ‘til You Drop is to score as many points as possible the time allotted. The obstacles can be taken in any order and direction. The teeter has no point value and must be performed as the last obstacle; hence the name of the game. If your dog crosses the finish line before time expires, then all of the dog’s points will be doubled. Otherwise, there’s no penalty for going overtime, except that the dog cannot earn the bonus.

Obstacles can be taken only twice for points. Back-to-back is permitted. If the dog drops a bar, that jump is out of play.  Point values for obstacles performed without fault are:

  • Jumps – 1 point
  • Tunnels and tire – 2 points
  • Weave Poles – 3 points

Your job is to determine how many obstacles your dog can successfully complete within the time allotted.  If you complete the teeter before the whistle blows, your score will be doubled.

Big dogs have 50 seconds; small dogs have 55 seconds.

Course Design

This Run ‘til You Drop course is based on a TDAA  course designed by Marsha Nix for play at Happy Feet K-9 Agility, June 12, 2010.

This Run ‘Til You Drop course consists of jumps, tunnels, weave poles; and the teeter.

Scoring and Qualification

Run ‘til You Drop is scored Points, Then Time. To qualify:

  • Games III – 30 points
  • Games II – 25 points
  • Games I  – 20 points


Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

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4 Responses to “The Golden Rule”

  1. mariann jackson Says:

    how about a basenji? the old guy was walter brennan and the movie was something like goodbye to lady or goodbye my lady…..

  2. Rose Says:

    Basenji – “Good-Bye, My Lady”

  3. Marsha Says:

    I am surprised and elated that Ralphie’s Run ‘Til You Drop will be played at the 2011 PP!! What a great way to remember an awesome Basset Hound! I chose the teeter as the bonus obstacle because he loved the teeter – thank you so much!

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