Directional Discrimination

With my boy Kory I’m working on “Directional Discrimination” at a distance.

Note in this exercise I pretty much stay behind jump #1 sending my boy ahead. I’ve developed a very specific timing of the verbal commands. On the approach to jump #2, I’ll say “Jump, Right!” or “Jump, Left!” And then after the jump I’ll say “Tunnel.” The directional is a pre-cue and pretty much allows him to get on the correct lead for the turn.

I have considerable less success with this discrimination at a distance. And possibly chances for success are complicated by the practice I’ve been giving to the alternate tunnel entries. After giving the command to turn to the right, here, Kory will lock focus on that tunnel and I’ll play hell getting him turned completely to the jump.

By the way, this doesn’t mean I can’t get him to turn back neatly to the jump. I’ll simply not be doing this at a distance. In this scenario I’ll have to be in the picture giving cues more powerful and dramatic than simple verbal directive.

This is a discrimination challenge that is a bit more complicated. It’s the ol’ three-headed beast. I’d like to say I’m at 85% with Kory in this… but last week right after making that very brag to a couple of my students he rocked in at something under 50% and wasn’t so impressive. Okay, it’s a reminder that this is a complicated enough and technical enough kind of training objective that it needs to be reinforced in my dailies. And so, that’s what I’m doing now. I’m codifying the performance by daily practice. [Like the old man said “If it don’t work, it ain’t showing off!”]

Home Front

After watching the movie Social Network I took a renewed interest in Facebook. Oh, well, I opened my greatly neglected Facebook account to find something like 94 requests for “friends” and apparently a large collection of farm animals that people were sending me.

I don’t really understand Facebook too much. It’s a torrent of random ‘what the hell am I doing this very minute’ kind of messages; a bunch of stuff that people are “selling” in terms of things they support. And it’s interspersed with people who are closer friends who send nice conversational notes and renewals of longstanding relationship.

My niece posted a couple old pictures of Marsha and me back at my old Dogwood place. Those were kind of fun. But the spare tire I was sporting apparently inspired my grand nephew to send me a link to some kind of weight loss program. Well thanks… that was apparently the missing piece of my life. My younger brother Keev explained it to me more directly a number of years ago. He said “It’s the beer Buddy. It’s the beer.”

I’ve been very busy with TDAA business; oh and I’ve been doing my taxes and working on a couple other big projects at the same time. As a consequence I’ve been something of a cave bear. Every morning when I get up I have to get my head right… contemplating which of the big projects I should focus on for the day. Damn this reminds me of working for a living. I thought this was supposed to be semi-retirement?

Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

Who was the biblical military man whose name has become synonymous with bumbling leadership because he lost a conflict with a vastly inferior force.


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston: I’m redesigning my web store. It’s a lot of work. It’s closed for construction at this very minute.


6 Responses to “Directional Discrimination”

  1. Linda Says:

    Sisera at the Battle at Mount Tabor

  2. Nancy Hoffman Says:


  3. Nancy Hoffman Says:

    Great exercises on discriminations. I have been working Stewie a lot on lefts and rights and tunnel/contact discriminations at a distance. Still trying to get some more Elite Chances for his NATCH!

  4. Linda Says:

    Yikes! I really messed up! Sisera was defeated by the Prophetess Deborah when God caused his chariots to bog down in heavy rains. And another woman, Jael, killed Sisera by driving a nail into his head. Old Testament, Judges 4. Looks like I should read my Bible more, also!

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