You’ll recognize in the layout of the floor that equipment is set to practice the “No Handling” contacts training described in the web log yesterday ( In fact I have mirror image of the drill on either side of the room. We got a very good workout on the contacts while exploring a variety of contact-related topics.

The set of the floor provides a variety of sequencing opportunities and distance challenges. In the course-work shown here some of us practiced layering to the opposite side of the A-frame while the dog goes away for #6 and #7. This fits neatly with the “No Handling” contact drills as it challenges the team to make a neat turn from the dogwalk into the pipe tunnel at #8 with the handler at a healthy lateral distance.

London Bridges

This is a simple game. The handler must remain with at least one foot in the containment area while sending the dog away to perform a single obstacle; and may be sent away to do another different obstacle only after coming back to the handler. Jumps are worth 1 point; tunnels, the tire, and weave poles are worth 3 points; Contact obstacles are worth 5 points.

The handler may surrender at any time. If the dog repeats an obstacle, then we assume that the team has surrendered.


The handler may direct the dog to perform multiple obstacles on each send and may continue to earn points so long as no obstacle is repeated.

Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

This artwork was featured in a Julia Roberts movie. What was the movie? What is the name of the painting? Who is the artist?


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  1. deborahauer Says:

    The movie is “Mona Lisa Smile”
    Artist de Soutine – 1925
    Titled “Cadaver” (Carcass)

    Are you still watching the Julia Roberts movie marathons?


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