Boise and Blue Grass

When I got the judging invite I pictured an out of doors trial on shocking blue grass. But no, it’s inside on dirt; and the dirt is just brown. I could kick myself as I didn’t wear my brown shoes… but my nice white New Balance again.

I’ll be heading back this way in September for seminar work. The topic is undecided in a tug-of-war between distance training and handler training. It’s good be the judge here in advance of the seminar because I get a pretty good look at what I have to work with (and work on). It’s funny; communities of agility players generally tend to have the same strengths and weaknesses.

What’s wrong with this picture?

This course opening comes from Advanced standard. Masters really wasn’t that much different.

What we’re studying here is the pre-cue Front Cross in the opening. You see how it works. The handler leaves the dog addressing the jump and then leads out to turn back and face the dog showing the lead change as the turning pre‑cue.

Okay, I’ve been engrossed in the study of this for many years now. The black line dog’s path is what typically happens with the dog in the transition between the first two jumps. The red line is what would happen if the pre-cue actually worked[1]. Having said that… I should admit that this look at the pre-cue Front Cross does work with a few dogs, but not the majority.

Not to belabor the obvious or anything, what was really wrong with the picture is the handler setting the dog up square to jump #1 rather than lined up with the direction of the course as I’m showing here. There’s more than one handling option to get this done. If the handler really wants to pre-cue a turn, it should be at jump #3… not at jump #1.

Bud’s Google-proof Trivia Contest

What city or town is notoriously (and exactly) 26 miles from Athens Greece?


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[1] If it don’t work, it ain’t showing off.

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