Precue a turn out of the collapsed tunnel?

One of the things I was trying to do in Boise is take away the lead-out so that leading out was irrelevant. I want to share the opening of my Grand Prix course to discuss an interesting serpentine opening.

For the most part the dog’s path we got in this opening is dramatized by the red line in this drawing. I had envisioned a dog’s path rather more like the black line. There is a very real difference of nearly 7 yards in these two paths. Agility is a game that is won and lost in that expanse of real estate between the obstacles that we refer to as “the flat”. Contests are won and lost in the efficiency of the dog’s path.

I am not one to recycle a lot of courses when I judge. I have a lot of things jangling around in my head that I want to submit to the real world for testing. And while I may occasionally suffer from designers remorse; mostly I’m gratified by giving an abstract idea a good workout in competition.

The salient factors of this opening are obvious (I’ll share the whole course with you below). The dog in the tunnel isn’t much privy to the movement antics of the handler while he’s involved in the performance. Yeah, he doesn’t see a thing. After he blows out of the collapsed tunnel it might take him several full seconds to bring the handler’s cues as to a new direction into focus and respond to them. Consequently it’s easy to add way too much length to the consequential path.

What I really want to test now, is the backy-uppy precue presentation of the collapsed tunnel. If this really works we can expect a bit of yaw in the tunnel fabric as the dog comes out already dedicated to the change of directions. I’ve already established that this cue is natural and intuitive for dogs going into a pipe tunnel; so, why not the collapsed tunnel.

In this drawing, by the way, I show the handler set up to ensure the more efficient turn on the landing side of jump #2 using a Tandem Turn. Frankly, a good Front Cross might work admirably well.

Grand Prix Qualifier

I may use this course again some day; though I might put it up as a standard course. That means I’d have to spoil it a bit by putting a table out there somewheres. There’s no question about it… the table would have to go at #11.

Goings On

This week we have a private camp here at Country Dream. We’re pretty much stopped scheduling open camps. Guessing at the best dates is really problematic. What we’ve found is that it’s much easier for a group of like-minded people can coordinate with each other as to their dates, and then work with us to get something special for them on the calendar. Private camps are lovely and customizable events that public camps can never be.

I’m also trying to get caught up on my chores and other obligations.


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  1. Rose Says:

    How did the teams fare when the handler lead out to about (40,70)? I would LO to that point, face my dog and release her to the chute. As she is about to emerge, I’d call her and then rotate to the jump.

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