Language Arts

Kory double Q’d his last day in Queen City; and his standard course was clean. I actually thought he’d missed the down contact on the dogwalk; but the judge apparently saw it otherwise.

I practiced the Gather and Drive handling system I’m working out with Kory. Sunday’s courses seemed well suited to that style of play.

Marsha made her debut with Tempest and had a fine weekend with the boy. At 15 months he has some great skills and is fast and willing. His rough edges will be ironed out in training and as his brain grows into his body.

Open JWW

We had two judges on the weekend at Queen City DTC. The course below is from Howard Etzel, a nice young man with competent judging skills and nicely flowing courses.

Howard dismissed a woman from the ring for cussing. She loudly exclaimed “Damn it!” whilst waffling through a handling bit, and so he blew his whistle. The judge was smiling as he did so… making me question the logic of dismissing from the ring an exhibitor that wasn’t truly being offensive. Anyhow… I had a chat with one of the instructors at QCDTC, suggesting that in their agility training program they include some instruction on the language arts.

The problem obstacle in the opening was the wrong course pipe tunnel after jump #3. A surprising number of handlers had dog on right at this jump (disposing the dog to key on the pipe tunnel). But even with dog on left, some dogs came over the jump convinced that the pipe tunnel might be next.

Out of the weave poles the transition from #6 to #8 proved to be challenging. This is Open, remember. There were a fair share of wrong courses over jump #15; and at jump #7 a list of difficulties associated with rear crossing on novice dogs got exposed.

Another interesting transition was from #13 to #15 with jump #7 presented as an inviting wrong course option. And at the close of the course the wrong entry to the u-shaped pipe tunnel enticed at least a couple dogs.

My gather and drive strategy had me pretty much hanging out in that Bermuda triangle of jumps… #6, 7 & 15. After ripping apart the opening Kory got a refusal at jump #16 drifting wide, I supposed, being enticed by jump #2. I recovered him, and got the dirty Q.


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  1. Bud Houston Says:

    I don’t understand facebook at all… but I need to figure it out.

  2. Erica Says:

    Wasn’t really waffling, Bud – I was very clearly directing my boy over an off-course jump. Actually one of the few clear directions I gave him all weekend, hence we remain 2 Qs shy of our MXJ…again…sigh. Can’t decide between an implantable GPS transmitter or just a basic shock collar, obviously for me. And it was such a fun course, damn it!

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