Etzel’s Open JWW

The key to gather and drive handling is to recognize the key control positions on course. Once the handler knows where he needs to be, he’ll find a way to be there. But it can all be a bit of a gamble.

My apologies to AKC judge Howard Etzel.

There are two places on this course that jump out at me as I study the course map. 1) Jumps #15 and #7 are right alongside each other creating a directional discrimination challenge which must be faced twice. 2) After jump #12 the wrong course weave pole trap will tantalize the dog in the transition to jump #13.

Okay, given the identification of the major course challenges it’s clear that the gather and drive handler will pretty much hang out in that bit of real estate just right of the weave poles.

Handling Plan

  • In the opening ~ Send the dog to the #1 pipe tunnel from the vicinity of jump @#2. Use a Front Cross from the landing side of #2 to ensure the turn/bend out of the tunnel and have a dog-on-left for the bit to follow.
  • #4 through #7 ~ Don’t take the turn to jump #5 for granted as the dog will be studying the #12 wrong course option. Note too that if the turn goes wide at jump #13 it will open the approach to jump #15 as a wrong course option after jump #6. It will be necessary to drive/bend the dog on to jump #7; taking a blocking position on #15.
  • #7 through #12 ~ Cue the left turn at jump #7 on the way to the jump to tighten the turn. The handler will layer back on the other side of jumps #5 and #6 while the dog commits through the big looping outrun; in order to establish a gathering position on the landing side of jump #12.
  • #12 through #17 ~ After the initial hard left turn at jump #12 the course turns right and right and right. The handler should continue giving a right turning instruction because the dog will continue to the very end to have wrong course options forward and left. Don’t take this half-moon curl for granted.

Bud’s Google-Proof Trivia Contest

What is the name of this ship?

Here’s a hint for you.


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6 Responses to “Etzel’s Open JWW”

  1. Kim Crenshaw Says:

    Botany Bay?

    • budhouston Says:

      Quite right. Of course that was a picture of the Khan, the genetically engineered crazy-guy; and skipper of the Botany Bay.


  2. Marsha Nix Says:

    I know it’s from Star Trek – is it a Romulyn (sp) vessel? By the way, I was with you up until you said “cue the left turn at jump 17” – did you mean jump 7?

  3. beekeeper69 Says:

    You beat me Kim. I don’t think anything is google proof-it did help to know the movie-Star Trek II-The Wrath of Khan-from there it was easy.


  4. Ann B Says:

    I was thinking the reliant… I started to be a smart mouth and say the ship in the background is the enterprise

  5. Rose Says:

    It seems to me that circling #6 counterclockwise while handling 7-13 would be ever so much easier than trying to layer #6. You would slide laterally across the take-off side of #6 while your dog is in the pinwheel and front cross near (30,42) so that your dog is on your left for the closing.

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