We were in Queen City this past weekend, showing in the AKC (Border Terrier Club of America).

I guess my “train for ugly” drill and practice last week gave us back a little edge as we were relaxed and pretty much under control.

Queen City is a fun venue because if you’re showing in Open or in Novice you don’t have to show up until 2:00 pm. Indeed they encourage you to stay away until 2:00 pm. It’s a parking problem. So we can drive the 3 hours on Saturday morning and sleep in on Sunday morning ‘til at least noon. That’s pretty much over for me now, as Kory got his 3rd Standard Q on Saturday. I did not move him up because I was looking forward to the sleep in on Sunday part of the trip.

On Sunday Kory double-Q’d and so we are done with Open. Next week we’re up in Cleveland. My little 2 year old boy is in Excellent A. That should be fun.

Another Open JWW

This is a course that was fraught with options. Just to define terms: an option is a course that makes more sense to the dog than the one the judge actually numbered. In this course note that wrong course options are presented after jumps #2, #5, #6, #7, #9, #13, #15 (minor)… and after the pipe tunnel at #17. That’s a lot of optioning.

The control position in this course really has to be in the sliver of real estate between the #6/7 jumps and the #8/9 jumps. This puts the handler in close proximity to the dog during the heat of directional options. Frankly the #10 through #13 part of the course is a big loop that requires no micro-management, and so the handler should easily be able to layer on the opposite side of the #8/9 jumps to be in position to handler the change of direction after jump #13.

Bud’s Google-Proof Trivia Contest

During the Battle of the Bulge the German commander demanded the surrender of Bastogne. What was the reply of the General commanding the American 101st?


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston The Country Dream web store is up and running. Be sure to check out my distance training series: The Jokers Notebook; an (inexpensive) elaboration and improvement on the work I did in Go the Distance.


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  1. Teresa Leonard Carlile Says:

    according to my 14 year old son “Nuts”

  2. deborahauer Says:

    Congratulations on finishing Kory’s Open titles!

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