Training Bits

I’m a big believer in basic movement to communicate with a dog in agility. Lately I’ve found myself falling into a bad habit, trying to talk my way through everything. While my boy is pretty good with verbal directive, the real power in agility will be in movement.

In this exercise I’m practicing a Tandem Turn, showing a cross behind the dog on the dismount of an obstacle (in this case, jump #2). I could give a Right command here. But instead I’ll practice it showing nothing but the movement.

The contiguous alignment of contact obstacles is so I can work on another objective at the same time. I want my boy to stick in the contact while I run forward. An interesting thing about the exercise is that Kory initially found the approach to the teeter very compelling. My correction for a performance error is simply to break off very neutrally.

After the performance of the teeter I’ll step in and give him a game of tug with his favorite now toy, the stuffingless squirrel.

Please note: if your dog doesn’t know a Tandem Turn, you’ll certainly want to teach it. The step I’m showing here is an advanced proofing step in which I layer to the opposite side of the line of jumps. A dog won’t layer the Tandem if he hasn’t been taught a Tandem. If you don’t know how to teach this to your dog, drop me a line.

Bud’s Google-Proof Trivia Contest

What do John Claypoole and Bruce Banner have in common?


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  1. Linda Says:

    John Claypoole and Bruce Banner both loved women named Betsy Ross

  2. deborahauer Says:

    Bruce Banner’s girlfriend was Betty Ross (not Betsy), although both women’s given names were Elizabeth Ross.

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