Games of the 2011 Petit Prix ~ Part IV

I haven’t been on a perfect rhythm with the Games of the 2011 Petit Prix series. To tell you the truth I’ve been reviewing games with the judges and wanted to make sure we are in complete agreement with how the games will be designed, and played. No sense in reporting to you how a game is going to be played if it ain’t so.

Tunnel Tangle

The 2011 Tournament Rules describes this game: Tunnel Tangle is a variation of “The Impossible Tunnel Game”. The objective of Tunnel Tangle is to run a numbered sequence which features a wicked tangle of tunnels. Obstacles other than tunnels may be used. Tunnel Tangle is scored Time, Plus Faults.

I’m not so sure how “wicked” I managed to be in this course. However it serves as a good starting point to our discussion:


Tunnel tangle is a variation of the Impossible Tunnel Game. Run the sequence as numbered. Faults will apply as in the standard classes.


Tunnel Tangle is scored Time, Plus Faults.

A Bit More Discussion

Okay, that’s about as brief as briefings get. But it’ really is a straight-forward matter; follow the numbers, and try to survive the interesting interludes in the tunnels. And Time Plus Faults. Woohoo!

Tunnel Tangle is a barely disguised training game mostly intended to instruct on the nature of pipe tunnels and the handler’s discipline when they loom up like demons on the agility course.

I have already written about the pipe tunnel. Rather than regurgitating it here… I’ll send you back on the time machine that is the internet:

The Nature of Pipe Tunnels: (Blog314)

The Age of Running Contacts (Blog 319, You’ll have to read down a bit).

Bud’s Google-Proof Trivia Contest

Muppeteer Jim Hensen brought to life the amazing artwork of Brian Froud in what movie?


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston The Country Dream web store is up and running.

4 Responses to “Games of the 2011 Petit Prix ~ Part IV”

  1. Debbie Brewster Says:

    Labyrinth a classic movie – I watch it at least a couple of time a year. David Bowie was great and there is some fantastic stuff in the special features on the dvd about the puppet creation

  2. Courtney Keys Says:

    I totally watched Labyrinth when it was on TV last week… still as good as I remember when I was little.

    I like this version of this game with your design. I have played a couple TDAA games heavy on tunnels lately (Impossible Tunnel and Spaghetti Junction) and have seen tunnel entrances literally 1-2 feet apart. There is “impossible” right there – and I’m not whining because it was hard. I just think you can keep the same essence of the challenge and give us a little room to BREATHE out there. For fast dogs, or baby dogs, or fast baby dogs, it was a little bit of a brain-frying mess!

    • budhouston Says:

      The interesting thing… I wasn’t thinking of Labyrinth at all… I was thinking of “Dark Crystal” a movie that really explored some of the Brian Froud illustrations, and the work of Jim Henson at his best.

      I’m fairly sure I saw Labyrinth once upon a time… but all I can remember about it is a young lady chasing after a baby in a set that was trying real hard to be a big Escher staircase puzzle.


  3. Courtney Keys Says:

    Dark Crystal was a little too weird for me in the 80s I think, as I was 2 when it came out and not much older when I saw it. But I actually watched part of that again recently too (thanks, TV channel that showed it!) and the puppets were really impressive.

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